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Started playing guitar when I was eleven, after my uncle came to sing and play at my birthday party. He then gave me an old guitar and that was it. I played bass with cover bands around Manchester in the mid 1970s. One band was called Gamma, and several musicians that played with that band went on to greater things - one guitar player in that band was Vini Reilly who later became Durutti Colomn.

I then started working with Spider Mike King, working with original material in the late 1970s. Kim Turner was in the audience one night and decided he wanted me on bass in his band; this became The Fabulous Wonderfuls. At the same time I was working with The Drones, a Manchester punk band, and then with Maestoso.

Fabulous Wonderfuls, circa 1980

(l to r: Kim Turner (drums), Terry Grady (bass), George Borowski (guitar, vocals), Phil Middleton (guitar, vocals).

Maestoso biography from Judie Tzuke tour programme, 1981
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Terry (pictured far right) joined Maestoso for their 1981 tour supporting Judie Tzuke, and stayed with them for the following year's tour with Saga and the recording sessions for the unreleased Black Box album, the results of which were eventually released on Songs From The Black Box and Black Box Recovered.
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After Maestoso I took time off from playing and in 1985 worked as a sound engineer with Jazz Services for four years, and I ended up buying a tour bus that I rented out. I then formed a tour bus company that I ended up doing for eleven years. Finally I got back to the music in 1996, when I wrote and recorded in my home studio with Steve Clarke, guitar player with The Drones.

Listen to Terry's solo recordings from 1997:

I carried on writing in my studio and also worked with Juan Lariz who was working with Robbie from The Stone Roses, while at the same time building wine bars - more distraction from playing! Sold the wine bars and moved to Venezuela to write with Juan. Things did not end well and I returned to the UK. I did not get back to playing, and ended up driving very big trucks while living in Canada in 2003, then I ended up owning a truck in Spain in 2006. The collapse of the world economy put paid to that and I returned to the UK in 2010.

I have just started playing bass again after being away from it for way too long. I am back to writing again ...

Terry Grady, March 2017

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