Woolly Wolstenholme and Maestoso

"Grim" - The People Speak!

I'm loving it!
Ian Alexander

Marvellously evocative, indeed, just bloody marvellous
Philip Birtwistle

This is REALLY good stuff!
Kev fc

An Eccentric Masterpiece from the Mellotron Maestro. A cracking album, and like all BJH-related classics is sure to be bringing forth new subtleties for years to come. Well done Woolly and the lads - and lassies.

Six words to describe Grim:

  • Dark
  • Deep
  • Dramatic
  • Dynamic
  • Delicate

And one that doesn't begin with "D" ............ infectious.
The whole album is a masterpiece

Medicine Man

GRIM has got all the power and pathos of One Drop, without any weak links. the revelation of a delightfully contorted creative mind! It's funny too!
Gavin Matthews

Wow! I love this "album"! I rate it even more highly than I do Maestoso / Maestoso.
Campbell Copland

It's just a load of notes to me
Neville Breville (82 and confused)

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