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August, 2005

It's finished!

Let the cornets blow!

30th July, 2005

A photo shoot with JL interrupted things a little, but we've successfully decamped again and are now at Friarmere Studios for the Big Mix - God help us!


It's Grim!Careful with that axe, Steve!

23rd June, 2005

Another day in the drum hole! Two more songs knocked off - "Hebden Bridge" and "Blue". By next week we should have finished the drums off, and as John has generously offered us the use of Friarmere Studios in which to mix, that will probably be our next port of call.


Kim at work down in the cellar

19th June, 2005

The concert party has moved from Grimley to South Manchester to a drum cellar. We threw three mics at the drum kit, and lo and behold, a drum sound (all this in one day)!

First songs to be dealt with were "Storm" and "Location" and on Monday we will carry on and hopefully get another three done. We're on schedule for completion mid-August, so it should be landing on your mats in early September. More soon!


20th May, 2005

Grim includes a sub-plot, if you will too Spinal Tap, in the shape of Musical? The Musical, Steve - has he been taking his medication? Call me. Ed, and the Mahlerian overture to that, entitled Marsch Parodie, was penned in the studio this week. Jeff Leach has kindly agreed to make a guest appearance on "Funny Kind Of Blue". Next - drums!


7th May, 2005

Bits 'n' bobs: the whole sorry affair is now plotted and we're at the twiddling stage. Craig finished his basses, mandolin on "Blue", cymbals on "Love Is" and at last we've done the opening "novelty". JL is kindly lending us a mike so we can start warbling ...


18th April, 2005

'Work in progress' at End of the World studios:

In search of the lost chord ...  I'm sure it's in here somewhere! Steve in Goth mode Woolly blowing his own ...

11th April, 2005

A productive day. The trumpet threat happened!? Something between a mariachi band and Miles Davis ... Also the first plinks of a mandolin on the gothic monstrosity. Tomorrow, we continue with the same thing - more recorders, tambour and assorted jiggery-pokery. Craig should be there on Wednesday, so more bass work. We're getting there! [but where exactly?! - Ed]


9th April, 2005

A busy week on the moors - alas, no Kate Bush, but Craig turned up and played bass on three or four tracks. Kim added recorders to the mediæval piece and lent me a trumpet. (Oh, God - no! Ed.)

As yet, still no drums, but that will be the final act ...


17th March, 2005

hi folks,

...back at the coalface; WW still recovering from his much-publicised guest appearance (Ed: I'm surprised that none of the concert reviews so far have mentioned this unparalleled, unwonted and indeed unwanted live appearance, although Woolly's role was rather understated, keeping his enormous stage presence in the background to avoid embarrassing anyone, especially himself. Asked afterwards about his contribution to the show, Woolly said, "It was nothing".).

Much work done on 'Storm' and 'Birds'. KT has been sitting in over the last few weeks and whilst 'End of the World' studios doesn't have a live drum facility, he has been sitting at the back banging his knees (did you say niece? Ed.), so we think he's working things out.

We've reached the stage of having the album time-wise in the can (working on a target length of 45+ minutes-a long LP) so when Craig can tear himself away from JL and the bungalow, we'll go back to the top and start finishing stuff.

Cheese! WW

25th February, 2005

Despite tundral [? - Ed] conditions and snow drifts up to three inches high, I and Kim managed to brave our way up to End Of The World Studios, Grimley, for a listen. Despite the tundratic [?? Shurely shome mishtake - Ed] conditions, we managed to put down a bed for Kim Turner's song, "That's The Price You Pay", something not heard since 1984. Proceedings halted due to bad weather.
WW ("who is this Ed bloke, anyway?")

21st February, 2005

Off we go again! All day today we spent dealing with something that sounds like a cross between Talking Heads and Z.Z. Top, but, mercifully, it's only two and a half minutes long. We pick up tomorrow, weather permitting, a number from my soon-to-be-staged hit musical, then a Willy Nelson pastiche entitled "A Funny Kind Of Blue". [We can't wait ... Ed.]

19th January, 2005

Having recovered (partially) from festivities over the last month - including the Bloomsbury gig, we're back at it. The master plan, for there is one, is to sketch 18 items, all potentially includable on the album, but we won't know till later how they will fit together and we're probably only going to use the dozen. Any road, we're working on "Loot" and its bedfellow, a medieval monstrosity called "Harp and Carp". We're 2 minutes in and still not a note of singing to be heard! More soon......

6th November, 2004

A short week, but we still managed to break the back of "Hebden Bridge", a Steve song - a cross between Trumpton, Camberwick Green and "The Eye Of Wendor" (or Wuthering Heights - the book). We also nailed the centre section of "Storm". Next week we should be drafting a complete "Abendrot" and goodness knows what else! Still no bass player or drummer ...

1st November, 2004

After a week off, work has begun again, and Woolly has this to report:-

"Love Is" is now temporarily off whilst we're waiting for Craig and Kim. Next is a lot of larking about: "A Lark" - sounds like it should be the album opener, being relatively cheerful (and I stress the 'relatively'), with a chugging (?) beat ... but then along comes a bucolic entr'acte - all tearful whimsy - before the chug starts up again. Where's the effin bass player [K: there is no "f" - oh, never mind] ...

22nd October, 2004

"hey guys......

here are a couple of pics for you..

this last couple of days recording has been a bit of an experiment to see how well we could record with the equipment we have.. and i think it's gone very well. the quality of the recording has been really good and there are lots of new songs and ideas flying around.. so lots to come... :-)

see you soon...

cheers.... steve.

(looking forward to the next gig..!)"

Wonder what this one does ...DEL must mean delay, right?

20th October, 2004

Work begins on the new Mæstoso album at Steve Broomhead's home studio. The band will comprise Woolly, Steve, Craig Fletcher and Kim Turner, and the first song to be tackled is "Love Is ...".

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