Woolly Wolstenholme and Maestoso

c a t e r w a u l i n g

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... But it's not just any old asylum; it's Doktor Schreckmann's Klinik, and there it sits, grey and forbidding, on the 'Blutenberg' between Kalwang and Waidofen an der Ybbs.

When Wolfgang Wotan Schreckmann first put forward his controversial principles on psychiatry no-one believed him. But now, fifty years on, they still don't believe him. And why should they?

When any unwary travellers ask why none of his patients ever leave they will be met with stony silence. Nothing but silence.

... Except, sometimes on the night of a full moon, down through the misty gorse comes an eerie, spine-chilling wail!

( Or is it just next-door's cat?)

Here then, live the un-hinged and un-washed, and oh! what tales they could tell- if Doktor Schreckmann would but let them...

Notes from Doktor Schreckmann's casebook:

1. Caterwauling ( Diagnosis: Mass Hysteria )
2. Soldier of Fortune ( 'Napoleon' Syndrome )
3. The Road to Nowhere ( Trench-Foot )
4. Matilda Yarrow ( Belief in Fairies )
5. The Collector ( Death Mania )
6. Closure ( P.T.S.D. )
7. Always ( Patently Patient Patient )
8. I Don't Like You ( Bi-polarity )
9. Tonight Could Be The Night ( Hopeless Fantasist )
10. Shoes ( Pogrom Obsessive )
11. Strange Worlds ( Alien Paranoia )
12. Quicksand ( Irrational Fear of Drowning )
13. Blossom Hill ( Alcohol Dependency )

14. Pills ( The Remedy ! )

... and finally ...

Now you can not only listen to Caterwauling, but you can also eat it! Try this delicious suggestion:

Caterwauling recipe

Substitute Cat for the Beef according to taste ...

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